With the sectoral view of Gül İnşaat GYO, people-oriented living spaces have become the focus of architectural design. Semerkand Konakları consists of a total of 4 blocks and 119 ultra luxurious apartments built on a 9000 m2 area. The project with regional heating systems is one of the rare projects with zero emission of flue gas. Semerkand Konakları, which is located in the attraction center of the district with its 125, 160, 185, 260 and 480 sqm apartment options, was completed in June 2007 and brought a brand new silhouette to the Esenkent-Bahçeşehir region with its original architectural style.

Enverpaşa Cad. Semerkand konakları Esenkent Mah. ESENYURT / İSTANBUL